1. How long does it take from order to delivery?

Spain: On the Iberian Peninsula we deliver within 24h after order confirmation. We don’t deliver on Fridays. Orders that are placed until 14 p.m. will be handled on the very same day. If order’s placed between Thursdays 14 p.m. and Mondays 14 p.m., the fruit will be cropped and sent on Monday. 

Europe:  Deliveries to the rest of the European countries (part of the EU) as the UK, Germany, France and Belgium etc. take between 48 and 92 hours depending on countries or inlands. Every country has different costs of operation which are calculated by our system which is why the total price increases slightly. In some parts of the EU operation costs are too high to deliver there.  It´s possible that the system refuses your order. In this case please feel free to contact us, as well. Our email is: info@naranjasdeandalucia.com

2. On which days will the goods be deliverd?

Spain: From Mondays to Thursdays fruits will be harvested and sent the same day. We won’t deliver on Fridays to prevent storage on weekends (fruits are better off trees then). If you take your order between Thursdays 14 p.m. and Mondays 14 p.m. you will receive the goods on Tuesday or the next work day. 

Europe:In the countries of the EU delivery takes several days depending on the country or island. The usual delivery takes between 48 and 92 hours. You will receive a tracking code from us to estimate the delivery date and time. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us athola@citrusricus.com.

3. To which countries do you deliver?

Currently we deliver to the whole Iberian Peninsula. We also deliver to the European Union as e.g. the UK, Germany, France and Belgium etc. Operation costs are varying. 
If you have any further doubts please contact us before ordering at info@naranjasdeandalucia.com

4. At which time will the delivery arrive?

We are not able to influence the exact delivery time. However the delivery will arrive before 19:00 p.m. In case you are not present at that time the delivery man will call you at the provided telephone number to arrange a new appointment.

5. Returns – What happens if I am not satisfied with the goods or the products are not in the desired condition?

We will just charge the goods you are satisfied with. If there is a problem with the sent fruit, please inform us as soon as possible, send an e-mail to info@naranjasdeandalucia.com. Thereupon we will send you a new crate.

Often problems with certain fruits result from a particular tree, if you would be so kind and tell us if you find any flaws or are not satisfied with our goods, we can remedy the problem and with that we become better and deliver better products.

You only pay for deliveries you accepted. In case of refunding there won’t be any extra costs for you.

6. Payment methods

It is possible to pay with credit card, PayPal and bank transfer. When you choose bank transfer as payment method, we will send our goods after receipt of payment. Only in Spain we offer cash on delivery (with an extra cost of 4€)