How are our oranges different from those sold in regular stores?

Oranges sold in stores spend more than 24 hours in the commercialization company after their collection, receiving different procedures for their preservation and artificial beautification, being stored in cold stores to last a certain time. For this they go through different methods of cleaning and calibration, as well as treatments based on waxes, brighteners, etc. all to get a better color. That is why they tend to collect green and the skin takes color during its stay in the ripening chamber. In addition, throughout this process, the fruit suffers the deterioration added by the blows it receives.

These oranges can take more than 30 days to get to consume, which means that for that they are collected at an incomplete point of maturity and without the consequent supply of vitamins and sugars that you should have.

The freshly picked oranges that we serve, have matured in the tree remaining in it until the correct time of collection, the same day they are sent to your home, retaining all its properties by not going through any chemical maturation treatment, coloring , nor conservation.

We collect the oranges the same day of shipment and deliver them at the optimum time, at its perfect point of maturity, maintaining the acid / sugar balance in an unbeatable way and keeping all its vitamins, so you can enjoy them fresh and natural at home in 24 hours without going through any type of artificial process that negatively affects the fruit so that you enjoy its intense and pleasant taste and its qualities.


What is the difference between juice oranges and table oranges?

The only difference is that the juice ones are smaller than the table ones and the appearance of their skin is not so perfect, but the quality is the same, they can even be oranges from the same tree.


How long do they last in perfect condition?

Being freshly harvested oranges, they can last 15 to 25 days in a cool and dry place. It is recommended to spread them on the ground separated from each other on top of newspaper sheets. This way they will be more airy and will be better preserved.


Do I have to store them in the fridge?

It is not necessary to keep them in the refrigerator, as they can be kept at room temperature. If you like to taste them fresh you can put them in the fridge. All you have to avoid is that they are in hot areas (near radiators, stoves, or areas where the sun is very bright).


How are the boxes?

The boxes are made of ecological cardboard and not wood thus contributing to the environment and thus you can recycle them.


How long does it take for oranges to arrive?

The transportation agency picks up the orders daily, delivering them to the destination the next day. The collections are made from Monday to Thursday, so the orders that are requested on Thursday after 2pm, Friday, Saturday or Sunday do not leave until Monday. Anyway, the oranges for these orders are not collected until that Monday to arrive at your home freshly picked from the tree.

Why Thursday's orders after 2pm. and Friday they don't leave until Monday?

Orders received on Thursdays after 2pm. or Friday we do not prepare them until Monday because if we sent them on Friday they would be all weekend at the carrier's warehouse and would not arrive until Monday at your address, taking three days from their collection to delivery, and could result in a loss of quality for storage conditions and temperature. However, we can include the order on Thursday, if this is done early in the day, always before the closing time of the expedition of that day. For greater security that you can receive it, you can make the consultation by phone to the number 625068984 and we will inform you if it has been included in the expedition list. If there are holidays, the oranges are collected the next business day and you receive them at your home the next day.


How do I pay for the order?

The order is paid by credit card, Paypal or bank transfer. You can also pay it against reimbursement, that is, in cash to the carrier at the time of receipt. This last payment method (cash on delivery) has an extra cost of € 3.


 Do I have to pay shipping costs?

No, shipping costs and VAT are already included in the price of the boxes.


 Can I request periodic shipping of one or several boxes of oranges?

Of course. All you have to do is contact us (via phone or e-mail) and tell us the periodicity of those shipments. We will take note and receive orders on the date you indicate. We will call you in advance to confirm receipt if we have to delay or advance the periodic delivery.


 In what month are oranges collected, how long is the orange season?

Normally the season starts in November and usually ends in the first week of June. However, both the full and partial seasons of each variety may vary depending on the weather.