The oranges are collected and sent to the address indicated on the same day that the order is placed (with the time limit of 2:00 p.m.), so that they will arrive at your home without going through cold stores.

Thanks to this process of immediate collection and shipping, our oranges will remain between 15 and 20 days in perfect condition, without losing their magnificent qualities.

To keep them it is not necessary to have them in the fridge, since they have been collected hours before and have not used any type of brighteners or other improvement products that are usually applied to oranges that are sold through stores and shops by the traditional methods, and be a top quality fruit, can endure without problem at room temperature. Instantly check all their flavor and the amazing amount of juice they have.

Below are the delivery days according to order day and time:

Shopping Day

Picking Day

Delivery Day

Mondays 14:00h Mondays Tuesdays
Tuesdays 14:00h Tuesdays Wednesdays
Wednesdays 14:00h Wednesdays Thursdays
Thursdays 14:00h Thursdays Fridays

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays




Given the commercial policy of the company, which guarantees customers a fruit in the best of conditions, in the event that the weather conditions were adverse at the time the collection should take place, the fruit would not be supplied or served, given the serious deterioration that it could suffer. If this or any other type of unforeseen arises, it would be duly informed.

If once the box is received, you are not satisfied with the quality of the oranges, you have the right to call us within a maximum period of 72 hours after receipt of the order and request the change or return of the order. We will proceed to pick you up at no cost, sending you a new box with oranges or returning your money.